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Dom Cobb (Dicaprio) is the world's most skilled extractor. But, he is approached by company man Saito (Watanabe) who asks him for the opposite; Inception. This involves planting an idea into a target's mind, as opposed to taking one. This is much more complex, and needs to operate on three levels of dream. So, along with his team, Cobb finds his target, and they go into his dream. And then again. And again. But Cobb is always under attack by his dead wife, Mal (Cotillard), who attempts to sabotage his plans. Dying in a dream only wakes you up, but for levels this thick, they have used a much more powerful sedative. This means that dying in a dream will send them into a further dream state, called Limbo, for an undeterminable amount of time. Can Cobb and his time survive, and complete the task in hand?

But, there's more. Cobb has fled from America, as the authorities believe that he killed Mal. Did he? No, he didn't but there is more to the story than you would originally think. Mal is in every dream that Cobb is in, and the only other member that knows this is Ariadne (Page). If he completes this task, Saito will have his charges wiped clean and Cobb will be accepted back into his home country, to meet his children.

It all amounts to an astonishing success. There are so many aspects of this film that I can praise, if I were to write them all down you'd be here until Christmas. I'll start with the story. It isn't your every day action flick, there's a whole load of intellectuality here, and it's one VERY clever film. You can't just relax, and half watch whilst on your phone. You really have to stay focused for the first few times you see it. The more you watch it, the more you will notice.

Secondly, the characters. The main character is obviously Cobb, but his team includes Ariadne, Arthur (Gordon-Levitt), Eames (Hardy), and the chemist. The characters are all likeable, and all have their own skills and traits. For example, Eames is a forger. He can change his appearance inside a dream world to whoever he likes. They can be real, or imaginary. He doesn't seem too fussed about whether the job is done properly or not, he just tries to get it done. On the other hand, there's Arthur. He is constantly serious, as he knows what this means to Cobb, and makes sure he does everything to a top standard. The wide mix gives us a real blend of personalities, and makes it easier to know who's who in a film so complex.

The script is also fantastic. Nolan spent ten years polishing and finalising the script, and it really paid off. With such quotes as "Dreams feel real while we're in them, it's only when we wake up that we realised something was actually strange", and "You never remember the beginning of a dream, you always end up right in the middle", it really dazzles. The latter quote leads on to a scene in which Paris is folded in half. The special effects here, and in the whole movie, are phenomenal, and the film really deserved its Visual Effects Oscar.

I also loved the Score. It's dramatic, and it suits the film to the bone. It mainly comprises of loud, heavy slams, but there are some really emotional parts to them. This is important, as, if viewed and looked at properly, "Inception" is quite an emotional film. Cobb's relationship with Mal can be heartbreaking, and in a series of flashbacks, we learn a lot about her and the moments leading to her death. This means we can really connect with Cobb, and we really want his plan to succeed so that he can go home to his family. In parts, it's breathtaking. Oh, and Mal is damned creepy!

Finally, I can't go without praising the action scenes. There's quite a few, but the stand out one has to be the anti-gravity fight in the hallway in the second level. And, for those of you that will moan "It's just like the Matrix"; no it is not. There was no anti gravity in The Matrix; you could do whatever you want there. The dreams are real here, so it is by no means similar.

Inception is my personal favourite film of all time. There, I said it. It's not just down to the wholly awesome action scenes, there's so much more to it than that. I know a fair few people who hated this movie (both on here and personal friends), and I can understand why. But, and don't take this offensively, I feel they aren't looking hard enough. There is four layers of action in Inception, which is four stories, four settings, and four completely separate realities. Yet, Nolan still finds little places to cram in emotion, and make Inception not just an action film, but an intellectual masterpiece.

To Summarise: Pounding action there may be, but "Inception" relies more on its innovative plot and honest emotion, making it a truly fantastic piece of work.

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