Monday, 6 June 2011


Horror films really are getting common! Obviously, the most popular and well known is the Paranormal Activity series. Smartly blending chills, thrills and scares, they succeed with flying colours. Another extremely popular series is Saw; of which I like 4 out of 7. They chuck as much blood and gore at us as they can, and hope to scare us. They fail; but the films are still solid and entertaining. So, you'd have thought that a film created by the people behind both of these horror successes would be pretty damned good! Well...

Insidious is about a family (dad, mum, two sons and a newly born daughter) who have just moved into a new house. Upon arrival, Dalton (one son) slips off a ladder and falls into a coma. However, it's not a coma, the doctors have no way of explaining what it is. After three months, he comes home, still in a coma. After this, the family (mainly his mum) start experiencing a series of increasingly paranormal happenings. They move house, but it follows them. This leads to the question; is it the house that's haunted, or their son?

Well, what a load of shit. Yeah, I'm serious. There are only two things that I liked about Insidious. 1: It did scare at ONE point, with the baby monitor (cliché, but effective). 2: The camera work was really effective, and did build some tension. But, other than that, there really was nothing that made Insidious even slightly scary, entertaining or fun.

This was labelled as a psychological horror/thriller. Psychological; meaning the stuff that lingers in the back of your mind, leaving it ambiguous as to whether it exists, what it looks like. Basically, it messes with your brain. But Insidious shows us EVERYTHING. We see all the demons, all the scares are explained (WHY?!), leaving nothing down to us. They focus a lot on two demons. One looks like Darth Maul in Lizard mode, the other like Professor Snape on crack.

It was also horrifically predictable. Every time something was meant to be "scary", we could tell. Look at it this way; it's Paranormal Activity with music. So, in order to effectively scare the crap outta us, they need to build tension. Which they do well. That is until they blare loud, irritating music, which just cancels out any intense moments or creepy silences. BORING.

I don't much else to say with this one, it just didn't scare me. I love horror films, but this was just a pathetic excuse. The acting wasn't anything special, the plot was recycled from other films, and the scares were lackluster and effortless. I saw this with a group of friends. They all came out shaking. One of them said "OMG! THAT WAS SO SCARY, I JUST WANT TO FORGET IT!!!!!!". I replied "Yeah, so do I", but for other reasons. I just want to block Insidious out, and really forget the worst film of 2011 so far.

To Summarise: Dull, predictable and painfully not scary, Insidious really falls flat on every level.


  1. Sorry, Ryan, but we liked "insidious" a lot. We thought it was very scary, and we see a lot of scary things, living where we do.
    Your review was well-written even if we think it missed the mark.

  2. Great review =D Pretty interesting layout too :)