Monday, 23 July 2012


Kick-Ass tells the story of a teenager, Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson), who has always pondered the question "Why has no-one ever tried to become a superhero?". Quickly, he orders a costume and, unbeknownst to anyone else, he takes to the streets to fight crime under the name of Kickass. Unfortunately, all does not start well for him and everything takes a downhill turn. Of course, it's a superhero film, there's bound to be a girl involved. And there is, her name is Katie Deauxma(Lyndsy Fonseca). So, he does her a favour, but ends up failing and held hostage. This is where we meet the star of the film; Hit Girl. An 11 year old girl who's first line as a superhero is "Okay you c*nts, let's see what you can do now". This is where the film gets good, the plot thickens, the action gets more violent and the comedy enrolls. Then we meet the main villain, Frank D'Amico (Mark Strong), who is the leader of a large mob who seem to have men everywhere. 

Kick-Ass contains a good deal of music throughout. Each fight scene has a piece of music relating to the character doing the fighting, for example- Kickass tends to have serious and dramatic music accompanying him, whereas Hit Girl is followed with fast, dance numbers. This just makes the film that extra bit funnier, and gives it a bit more of an edge over many other comedies as we can link with the character's personalities more. 

The acting in Kick-Ass is superb. Johnson portrays the geek/hero excellently, Moretz is fantastic and even Nicolas Cage manages a decent role. I'll give you a clue of how good Moretz is: The four kids in Narnia? Put them all togther and mulitply it by 10. Even that doesn't compare to anywher enear Moretz's talent. 

Towards the end, the film takes it's stride. It gets more serious for certain reasons (no spoilers), and the characters take more of an interesting role. All-in-all, the whole film is one big success, and everything works well. Four super-heroes, four strong performances. The best aspect of Kick-Ass though, without question, is its originality. 

There are so many Superhero films coming out at the moment. Batman films, Superman, Spiderman. All though some of these films are good in their own ways (definietely not Spider-Man 3 though), but Kick-Ass is different. It's not just a violent, superhero comedy. In this you can connect with the characters, you feel their emotions and this is a hard effect to give off in nowadays movies. 

To Summarise: With huge laughs, violent action sequences and scenes flooding with emotion, Kick-Ass really does kick ass.

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