Monday, 23 July 2012


Can an action film contain too much action? This question can be pondered with any action flick released; there seems to be one out every day at the moment. I know this came out last year, but this year we've already got Sucker Punch and Battle: Los Angeles being released within a month of each other. Will they too be high-octane action fuelled with heavy weaponry and tacky stunts, or an original fast paced action flick? Who knows. But Salt? Salt was OK. Good acting? Yup. Decent story? Yeah. Action-filled? Sure. Too much action? Definitely! 

"Salt" follows a CIA agent, Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) after she is accused of being a Russian KGB Sleeper Agent. She goes on the run, in order to try and clear her name, but discovers her husband is missing and her life is turned upside down as the CIA turn the tables on her. Forced to change her image, Evelyn Salt will do whatever she needs to in order to allow the CIA to see the truth...or is she a really a Russian spy? 

Well, I'm not gonna tell ya! That's for you to find out by seeing the movie. It is worth it, even if the action does get a little tiring towards the end, and the plot is stupidly farfetched. Despite its flaws, Salt is still entertaining, with Jolie giving an outstanding performance throughout, and, as per usual, the effects are top notch. 
So, the story is badly laid out, leaving some holes and making the twists predictable. This isn't down to the directing of the film, in fact I think that Noyce did a damn good job, but it's the writing. The script isn't much cop, and lets some of the energy slip away when there's absolutely no dialogue through the HUGE action sequences throughout. 

Speaking of action sequences, they just don't stop. The first 10 minutes is action, the last 10 minutes is action, and the 80 minutes between it is, well, more action. This leaves you feeling rather drained come the slightly lackluster final twist, as you may feel that they could've got a bit more story out of its promising premise. Although, I must admit, the special effects are damn good. We get a good few camera-shots full of the sequences where effects are present, and, on-a-whole, the cinematography was actually really impressive. 

Acting wise, I can't complain. Jolie has shown that she can do versatility with her breathtaking performance in "Changeling", but she is back here doing what she does best; and doesn't she do it well. There's not a scene where she fails to deliver, and she gives the film its flare; its shine that it really needed being so reliant on its action. Instead of her relying on the film, she lets the film rely on her and this effect passed with flying colours. The supporting cast are equally as impressive, meaning the film does have some convincing edge to it, despite the previously mentioned farfetched plot. 

Oh well, it's still high octane fun, and it doesn't deserve some of the bashing it got from critics; they're asking too much. It's fast paced, it's enjoyable, and it's Angelina Jolie doing an action film. What more do you want? 

To Summarise: Despite it's improbable plot and over-the-top action, Salt is a fast, fun adventure that boasts another fantastic performance by Jolie.

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