Monday, 23 July 2012

The Human Centipede

"The Human Centipede- 100% medically accurate". Well, no. It's not. So, the film has made its first major flaw within its tagline. Good start. 

I like horror movies, and they have started getting better recently. With the likes of the Saw series, Drag Me To Hell, the Final Destination series and Paranormal Activity's (although some may argue that they're supernatural thrillers) all representing a step forward for the horror genre, this one had to be of a high standard. Was it? To be honest, I'm not too sure. 

The film opens with two young, attractive looking women on a road trip in Germany. In a dark creepy forest, at night, whilst it's raining (cliché, much?) they pop a tyre and find the nearest house for some help. Unfortunately, they go to the house of Dr Heiter (Dieter Laser) who just decides to stitch them together with a randomly found Japanese tourist. This is where it gets rather interesting, because the scenes in which he attaches them are gruesome and sickly, yet somehow they hold your attention, and it starts to excite you. You can't fault Tom Six (director), he did his job properly. 

The main problem is that the film is far too slow. It's only got a 90 minute running time, and the surgery starts at around 50 minutes in. Before hand we've had the clichéd road trip, a predictable chase scene throughout a house and a clever description of how the surgery will work. Once it does get going, it really does get better; and slightly more comical. There is a bit of dark humour in this film, which made it slightly less scary, and more of a "Drag Me To Hell" type film. 

There's only really four proper characters in this, Dr Heiter and the three unfortunate test subjects. Lower number of actors, more chance of better acting, right? I was wrong. The Japanese guy I can't speak for...because he only speaks/shrieks in Japanese. The two women, however, are awful. I don't blame them really. If I was put in a film like this, I'd be intentionally bad. Heiter, however, is more than decent. He pulls off the creepy, stereotypical, sick bad guy very well, and is quite convincing. The trouble is, there being only four characters, we get no character development. Why is he doing this to the people? We don't get told, which gives off a rather disappointing effect. I felt the ending was a bit dull as well, but no spoilers here! 

Well, I've listed a tonne of negative parts of it, so why is there a 50% rating at the top? Because, after finishing, an hour later I wanted to watch it again. I don't know why, I didn't enjoy it that much, but i did. I think it's because once you know what to expect, and once you can prepare for the dull moments, the tacky scenes and the gross-outs, it makes the film much easier to watch. Also, as mentioned earlier, there are a few laughs neatly tucked away in the movie. Heiter treating his "Human Centipede" as a pet, and making them/it fetch a newspaper being one. It's also interesting to watch, and Tom Six has proved that he knows his stuff. Apparently there's a sequel coming. Who knows whether it can be as mediocre as this. 

To Summarise: Although flawed by its slow start, dull finish and lackluster effort, "The Human Centipede" does boast some shocks and intense moments entirely down to Six's directing.

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