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    1. Intrigued and optimistic! I'd never have considered Whittaker for the role personally, but she's a phenomenal actress so I think she can do great things for the show. I'll always miss Capaldi and I genuinely believe the show will never top him, but the future's looking bright!

    2. I never thought of her for the role either but after seeing that she became odds on favourite in the last week I got really hopeful and shouted "IT'S JODIE!! YES!!" after seeing her eyes. Kris Marshall seemed like too safe of a choice and I didn't know much about Phoebe Waller Bridge so I am very happy. I agree though that Capladi may be hard to beat. Matt may be my favourite but Capaldi is the best actor to play the part.

  2. Will we ever get a Series 10 ranking article?

    1. Probably not now unfortunately, ended up really busy shortly after Series 10 finished and didn’t have time for it! Unofficially I’d probably go:

      The Doctor Falls > World Enough and Time > Extremis > Oxygen > Smile > The Eaters of Light > Knock, Knock > The Pilot > Thin Ice > The Pyramid at the End of the World > Empress of Mars > The Lie of the Land